Thermal Trek
4800 East 7th Street Austin, TX 78702 (512) 222-5127

Quality Refrigerator Storage Trailers

Welcome to Thermal Trek! We have been in operation since 1993 and specialize in providing portable refrigeration rental services. We have a variety of sizes and types to meet your every short- and long-term cold storage need. We respond quickly to our customers' needs and can supply coolers and freezers or dock level refrigerated trailers the same day.

Thermal Trek is committed to providing you with fast, professional service at the most competitive price in the market. We have extensive ongoing experience in servicing other temperature-sensitive products, including pharmaceuticals, medical products, mining samples and horticultural products.

Our Refrigerator Trailers and Containers:

semi trailers


Thermal Trek offers dock level trailers. Food retailers or florists often use our refrigerated trailers for extra seasonal storage or in emergencies such as electrical outages or planned or unplanned cooler repair.

bumper trailers

Bumper Pull Trailers:

Thermal Trek has pull type refrigeration trailers that can be pulled behind a pickup or van. We have trailers that are powered by electricity or diesel or both. Sizes range from 6' X 8' to 8' X 20'.


Reefer Containers:

Thermal Trek rents 20' high-quality refrigeration shipping containers. These refrigerated containers will hold temperatures from -10 to 50 degrees depending on the temperature needed for your product.